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Rental Pricing

*Reservations available and recommended*


Rentals Prices (subject to change) There is a minimum food/beverage purchase required of $800 plus tax and gratuity for up to 10 people.

*Reservations available and recommended*


There is a minimum food/beverage purchase required of $600 plus tax and gratuity for up to 8 people on Saturdays.

*Reservations available and recommended*

Chaise Lounges

The rental fee is $25 per chair per person and includes the Paddy’s Beach Promotional Bag* (Paddy’s Beach Club logo towel, lanyard, koozie, and drawstring bag). The towel must be laid on the chair throughout the duration of use. There is a supplemental $75 minimum food/beverage purchase required plus tax and gratuity. If a guest has already made the initial $25 rental fee purchase and returns with their towel, only the minimum $75 food/beverage purchase applies. If a guest does not have their towel they will be required to purchase the complete $25 Paddy’s Beach Promotional Bag.

Sunday's & Holiday's

Rental Pricing

$1,200 min: 12 people

Platform Cabana 1

$1,000 min: 10 people

Platform Cabana 2-5

$800 min: 10 people

Beach Cabana 1-3

$400: 4 people, 4 chairs

Chase Lounge Chairs 1-5

$1,200 min: 12 people

DJ Cabana 1

$1,000 min: 10 people

Sexy Cabana 1-2

$600 min: 6 people

Ocean Front Day Bed 1-2

***All minimums are the amount to spend on food and alcohol. A Credit Card is needed to hold any Cabana. The CC will not be charged unless canceled within 24 hours of the event or no show, in which case 20% will be charged. Tax and Gratuity no included.***


Rental information and Pricing on
Saturdays and Select Holidays

Angela Thoman – Business Manager at Paddy’s Beach Club

Phone: (401) 596-2610
Email: angela@paddysbeach.com
Fax: (401) 596-3323

Rental Information and Pricing on
Sundays and Select Holidays

James Pascarella – VIP Host for NV Concepts

Phone: (860) 983-8772
Email: jjpascarella@Hotmail.com